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Kekoa (Warrior) Services

Alpine Arnica Deep Tissue Massage   | 50/80 Minutes 
This intensive deep tissue massage relaxes sore muscles and stiff joints with trigger point therapy, myofascial release and Russian massage techniques along with moist heat and the best pain relievers from nature’s pharmacy. Anti-inflammatory Arnica and cooling Menthol work synergistically with stimulating Rosemary, Basil and Bay Laurel to offer targeted relief for overworked bodies while Sweet Birch and Magnesium enhance muscle performance and vitality. This treatment is available with a scent and or nut free oil.

Thai Body Work  
| 80 minutes  
Enjoy this ancient form of bodywork where you will experience passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance the body’s energy systems. This session is designed to be both deeply relaxing and energizing. Please wear fitted workout clothes.

Vita D Fortified Brightening Infusion Facial  
| 50/80 Minute   
This results-driven treatment will resurface and remove dead skin layers while restoring hormonal balance in the skin with an infusion of topical Vitamin D and a marine-based mask for a more luminous skin tone. Skin is instantly brighter, fine lines and wrinkles softer and smoother, and collagen stimulated after one treatment.

Men’s Transformation Facial  
| 50/80 Minute
This results-driven treatment will resurface and removes dead skin layers to decongest blocked pores while targeting the repair of redness and irritation caused by shaving. Skin is instantly calmer with reduced sensitivity. Our fast-acting ingredients will hydrate and protect the skin from future damage.

Skin Fit Power Facial
  | 80 Minutes
Restore your skin’s glow with this ultimate age-defying facial. The cleanest, purest ingredients – White Algae, White Wine, White Tea – and Copper Peptides blend with intense marine-based anti-aging serums to give the skin a  superior  boost.  Organic Algae Extracts and Natural Botanical Oils restore nutrients and life directly to your skin. Our 90-minute facial includes a Warm Oil and Wild Gigartina hand or foot wrap, and advanced anti-aging technology to produce immediate results without the downtime. Microcurrent technology lifts, firms and contours your jawline, cheeks and eye areas. The treatment also includes Red LED Light Therapy to soften and plump the skin so you can look fresh, bright and well-rested.

Soothing Sun Repair Facial  
| 50 Minutes
Sensitive, severely dehydrated and rosacea-prone skin is given the extra love it needs. To soothe reddened, sun-exposed skin, this calming facial treatment begins with a gentle marine-based cleansing milk fortified with Water Lily Extract. Cooling facial compresses soaked in Sea Minerals and Wild Gigartina calms irritation and replenishes lost nutrients.

Seaweed Body Wrap
  | 50/80 Minutes
A detoxifying body wrap to help eliminate lymphatic sluggishness and restore healthy body tone.  Exotic extracts of Angelica  Essential  Oil and Katrafay are combined with hydrating Sea Algae and skin toning Japanese Ume Plum to purify the body and reduce inflammation. A finishing application of replenishing body oil continues the purification process with stimulating notes of Juniper, Cypress, and Evergreen Essential Oils. Deepen your detox experience with a full body Swedish Massage using the Deep Forest Body Oil to increase circulation and promote more relaxation.

Sun Salutation Body Mask  
| 50 Minutes
A hydrating full-body wrap that nourishes and cools sun-kissed skin. Mineral-rich Organic Sea Algae, cooling Aloe Vera Gel, and antioxidant Green Tea Extracts reduce redness and irritation while soothing sensitive skin. The face is treated with cool compresses soaked in Sea Minerals and fresh Gigartina Algae Gel to rejuvenate skin and reduce inflammation, and also a cool stone facial massage.

Customized Personal Training  
| 55 Minutes 
Spend time with our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, who will design an exercise regimen to meet your specific needs. A Certified Personal Trainer will customize an exercise regimen to meet your specific goals. A 30-minute consultation is required for every first time session with a trainer in order to allow them to customize the correct program.

Customized Yoga Session  
| 55 Minutes
Deepen your Yoga practice with our Certified Yoga Instructors. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced Yogi, our instructors can promote better alignment and adjustments of your postures with this private session.

Pilates Reformer 
| 55 Minutes
Strengthen your Powerhouse with our Certified Pilates Instructors. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core in order to re-align your spine and increase flexibility and power of your abdominal and back muscles, using our Pilates Reformers and mat sessions. A 30-minute consultation is required for every first time session to allow us to customize the correct program and determine your current level of core strength.

Power Stretch  
| 25/55 Minutes
A Certified Personal Trainer will customize a stretching and self-myofascial release program to help release any tight muscles and acute pain, also increasing circulation to help release lactic acid. This will be done with a combination of different modalities using facilitated, passive and/or dynamic stretching along with self-myofascial release.

Wellness Classes

Nalu offers a wide variety of wellness classes to enhance your workout regimen, seven days a week. Inquire at the Spa to learn more. Some classes require advance reservation.