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Kawela Art Gallery Spotlight: Marc Hemeon

Posted on Tue, 2018/04/03 - 1:47pm by Jessica Gellert

Marc Hemeon Wave Painting

You’ll notice some new, eye-catching art on display in our Kawela Art Gallery.

According to artist Marc Hemeon, Life, as it turns out, happens in waves.

“At the most fundamental level, creation is made possible by waves of light, sound, magnetism, and thought” explains Hemeon. “Our lives happen in waves too. The wave of our youth, the wave of relationships and lovers, the wave of children and family, the wave of career and work — each wave lifting us up, knocking us down, and moving us along on our journey through the sea of life.”

Hemeon’s art tells those life stories.

Marc Hemeon Wave blue

We asked him a few questions about his creations.

How long have you been painting?
“I grew up with a mother who is an artist and we were surrounded by art in the home and frequent museum trips to the Smithsonian. I painted a bit through college but fell in love with design and ended up diving into the design world, which lead me to a 20-year career in all types of design touching all aspects of design from branding and software design, to creative leadership and building a few design-focused companies."

What inspires you?
“I feel inspired when I see other people inspired by art and design. Art especially holds the power to express the complicated emotions in a way writing and other art forms do not.  I get really motivated to try and use the inspiration of the Pacific Ocean here in Hawaii as my lens to express the trials and triumphs of just being a human.”

Explain the importance of the waves in your masterpieces.
“The waves and currents of the ocean as a metaphor for the various phases and challenges of life is what ties all my work together.  I spend a lot of time in the ocean by myself and with my family and I am constantly taught on how to be a better human - the ocean teaches humility, patience and grit. The ocean is no respecter of persons, she could care less how fancy your house or car is, or what your amazing job is or how much people love you - she is not impressed and demands utter respect.  The ocean is a powerful teacher and I believe will teach you more about yourself than almost anything else found in nature.”

Marc Hemeon wave painting sunset

You can see Hemeon’s art on display at Turtle Bay Resort in the Kawela Gallery through May 31. If you would like to purchase his art, check out his website: